Who We Are

At EVTripPlanner we are working to provides information and tools that make driving an Electric Vehicle (EV) easier.  It has been a bumpy road for EVs, but we think that the industry turned a corner in 2013 - in large part due to the Tesla Model S changing what cynics thought was possible. There were over 50,000 commercially available passenger electric vehicles on the road in the USA in 2012 - and that number will quadruple in 2013. Cars like Tesla's Model S attracts an entire new class of buyer.

Our team is currently made up entirely of members of the Hannel Family!

  • Cliff (Dad): an Engineer by training, general technologist by nature and an enthusiastic Model S driver.
  • Ben (Son): lead site programmer and computer nerd extraordinare, coding way ahead of his time...counting the days until he gets to head to the University.
  • Jord (Son): loves physics and problem-solving, studying Computer Science at Stanford.
  • Tess (Daughter): graphic designer, creative consultant, studying at Cal Poly SLO
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