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Using the EV Trip Planner

How It Works

EVTripPlanner uses a physics-based model to predict how much energy your EV will use along your route. It accounts for:

Trip Settings

Setting the parameters for your trip is critical to getting an accurate estimate of the energy that will be consumed. The most important setting is your "speed factor", which is how much faster or slower than the prevailing speed (as estimated by Google Maps at the time of planning the route) you are going on average. Unfortunately, you can drive in different patterns and have the same average speed while consuming different amounts of energy. While these errors don't tend to be very large for long trips, the closer to "cruise control" you are at the average speed on long segments the closer the estimate will be. Also fill in payload, outside and cabin temperatures and your correct car model - these can make a significant difference.

Interpreting Results

EVTripPlanner has been used to plan over 50,000 routes for thousands of EV drivers. Many drivers report that EVTripPlanner predictions are very accurate - more than any other tool available. But you can't count on it being within let's say, 5%, all the time. You can hit unexpected traffic, weather conditions (especially headwinds) or have to make a last minute detour - so you should always have some margin for safety and a "Plan B" for where you would charge for any trip that is estimated to use more than about 80% of the available energy.

EVTripPlanner reports energy usage in two ways:

Since exact weather conditions all along the route are difficult to predict, we provide a sensitivity chart that shows how much energy would be used over a range of winds and temperatures.


We are always interested in your feedback - good and bad, feature requests and defect reports. When providing feedback on route accuracy, please provide your route ID (after the ? in the URL) and information about your drive that might be relevant. Send to

EVTripPlanner is maintained by Ben Hannel (with a little help from the rest of the family). Ben is 16 now and was 15 when he started working on EVTripPlanner. He will be applying for college in the Fall. If you like and use EVTripPlanner, consider making a donation to his college fund with the DONATE button.

Welcome to the latest release of EV Trip Planner! It has a few new features, including: Coming Soon: Known Issues:
EVTripPlanner would like to thank the following for helping make this tool possible:
Welcome to EV Trip Planner version 2.4!
It has some really cool new features, but a few bugs might have been introduced as well. If you find any, please report them to, and we'll do our best to fix them. In the meantime, you can use the old version